Protecting Crustacean Farming From Viruses

By: Brian Grochowski Fish and seafood are becoming an increasingly significant part of our daily diet. It is estimated that 2.9 billion people obtain 20% of their protein from fish and seafood and a further 4.3 billion people obtain 15% of protein from this food source. The commercial fishing industry has responded to this demand, 

China food and beverage industry is recognising the benefits of UV solutions

The market for ultraviolet (UV) treatment equipment in the Asia Pacific food and beverage industry is both lucrative and fast-growing. It was worth USD 15 million in 2015, and that figure is predicted to have increased by 12.5% by 2020. This growth is mainly driven by increased manufacturing activity in the region, especially in China.

How UV technology can minimize membrane biofouling

By Brian Grochowski The use of membrane technology is common practice within the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Membrane systems play an important role in purifying water, ingredient water, water reuse and recycling. While these systems are very reliable and produce consistent results, correct maintenance and monitoring of the membranes is essential to ensure optimal