Summer is over. What now for my UV system?

By: John Psaroudis Many operators of aquatics facilities are asking that question. With the summer over, what must I do to prepare my outdoor UV system for the winter months or indeed, what is required should my UV system be shut down for an extended period of time? There are several basic steps that should 

The Benefits of UV Disinfection in Liquid Sugar Manufacturing

By: Brian Grochowski In an increasingly regulated and safety-conscious market, the sugar processing industry must meet ever more stringent quality standards. Concentrated sugar syrups have a high osmotic pressure, and although this prevents microorganisms from growing and reproducing, they can still survive in spore form and may grow once the syrup is diluted. Microbial growth 

City of Silverton, OR WWTP

The City of Silverton is known as Oregon’s Garden City and sends one million gallons a day of treated effluent to the Oregon Gardens, returning the remainder to Silver Creek. The treatment facility comprises several traditional wastewater treatment technologies including secondary treatment by activated sludge, clarification and disinfection by UV. The nearby Oregon Gardens is 

Emory University Water Hub

The Emory University Campus Water Hub is an onsite water recycling system that uses hydroponic technology as part of a unique treatment process. The system is capable of recycling up to 400,000 gallons of water per day, which will reduce the amount of drinking water the university will draw from the Atlanta municipal water supply 

Foodborne Illness is on The Rise. Can the FSMA Help?

By Dan Shaver The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that one in six Americans get a foodborne illness each year, which means that approximately 48 million people become sick due to one of the 31 pathogens. About 128,000 of those end up in the hospital, while 3,000 die. Of the31 pathogens, many 

Expanded sales team helps Aquionics support complex municipal water treatment challenges

August 8, 2018 Aquionics has announced a key appointment that strengthens its position as a leading provider of high-quality ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology. Steve Doyle will assume the role of Regional Sales Manager for the United States western territory and will be responsible for providing efficient and reliable water and wastewater treatment solutions to the 

Todays Technology Can Protect Shrimp From Harmful Disease

By: Brian Grochowski There are five viral pathogens of penaeid shrimp listed by the World Organization for Animal Health. IHHNV infectious hypodermal & hematopoietic necrosis virus YHV yellow head virus TSV Taura syndrome virus WSSV white spot syndrome virus IMNV infectious myonecrosis virus IHHNV also knowns as Penaeus stylirostris densovirus (PstDNV) was the first reported 

Increases in Recreational Water Illness at Hotels Needs More Attention

By: John Psaroudis A great focal point of a family vacation is often the hotel pool. It can be loud, the sun loungers scarce and dry towels hard to find, but the children love it and you can almost ignore the inevitable screams of delight to allow yourself a few minutes to relax. Hundreds of 

Protecting Crustacean Farming From Viruses

By: Brian Grochowski Fish and seafood are becoming an increasingly significant part of our daily diet. It is estimated that 2.9 billion people obtain 20% of their protein from fish and seafood and a further 4.3 billion people obtain 15% of protein from this food source. The commercial fishing industry has responded to this demand, 

Water Quality is the Key to Successful Fish Farming

By: Dan Shaver Fish has been the fastest-growing food production sector over the past 20 years and the global trade in fish and fishery products has seen record growth over the past seven years. Countries such as the US, Japan, France and Spain are the consumption leaders and sales are forecast to hit $150bn in